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Schroeder Consulting Service and our Software Partners

Schroeder Consulting Service believes that it provides business consulting services of the highest professional standards to non-profit, educational and governmental organizations.  We strongly believe that Schroeder Consulting Service and Sage Software share the same vision and commitment towards clients.

Through extensive consulting and teaching, we hold certifications in: nonprofit, governmental accounting, client relationship management (CRM), payroll, human resource, fixed assets and fund raising systems. As such, we are authorized by AccuFund to license and implement their nonprofit accounting, government accounting, fixed assets and human resource software products as appropriate as part of our consulting engagements with our clients. In addition we are certified as a Microsoft Partner.

Government/Municipal Accounting Software Nonprofit Accounting Software

AccuFund for Government is a fund accounting suite designed specifically for government entities including municipalities (towns and cities), counties and special districts. AccuFund provides the simplicity of off-the-shelf Windows products with the functionality required to effectively manage the complex GASB reporting requirements of these cities, towns, counties and other governments. LEARN MORE

AccuFund for Nonprofits is nonprofit accounting software, also know as fund accounting software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and is scalable to meet the needs of all but the very largest nonprofit accounting departments.

AccuFund nonprofit accounting software provides the simplicity of off-the-shelf Windows products with the functionality required to effectively manage the complex FASB reporting requirements of these organizations.

The AccuFund Accounting Suite includes a core system and a number of modules that may be added to customize the installation to meet your agency's specific requirements. LEARN MORE

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Endowment/Foundation Accounting

AccuFund Endowment Accounting (AF-EA) gives foundations and other organizations managing endowments a complete financial solution for tracking, accounting, and reporting restricted funds, both donor-advised and endowment.  AF-EA provides the controls and reporting you need to meet UPMIFA and FASB 117 requirements.  

For each named fund, a foundation can track:

 Original corpus,

 Realized and unrealized gains and losses,

 Market and book value on the investment,

 Spending policies,

 Management fees,

 Actual donations, and



Representative Payee is a specialized accounting system for organizations managing the funds of individuals not able to manage their own funds.  Representative Payee, also known as Custodial Checking or Trustee Accounting gives a fiduciary agent, frequently a social service agency or a government entity, the software it needs to manage and account for clients' funds. LEARN MORE

Representative Payee

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